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Coming Home
Old Friends with New Faces
Miss Campbell
Thorns Among the Roses
Prince Charming
Polishing Mac
Breakers Ahead
New Year's Calls
The Sad and Sober Part
Small Temptations
At Kitty's Ball
Both Sides
Aunt Clara's Plan
Alas for Charlie!
Good Works
Among the Haycocks
Which Was It?
Behind the Fountain
What Mac Did
How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
Short and Sweet

him. He dropped his napkin and flew to obey the summons, for she 

was queen of the hour, and he had openly announced his deathless 



"Tell the other boys to come here. I've a fancy to stand you all in a 

row and look you over, as you did me that dreadful day when you 

nearly frightened me out of my wits," she said, laughing at the 

memory of it as she spoke. 


They came in a body and, standing shoulder to shoulder, made 

such an imposing array that the young commander was rather 

daunted for a moment. But she had seen too much of the world 

lately to be abashed by a trifle, and the desire to see a girlish test 

gave her courage to face the line of smiling cousins with dignity 

and spirit. 


"Now, I'm going to stare at you as you stared at me. It is my 

revenge on you seven bad boys for entrapping one poor little girl 

and enjoying her alarm. I'm not a bit afraid of you now, so tremble 

and beware!" 


As she spoke, Rose looked up into Archie's face and nodded 

approvingly, for the steady gray eyes met hers fairly and softened 

as they did so a becoming change, for naturally they were rather 

keen than kind. 


"A true Campbell, bless you!" she said, and shook his hand heartily 

as she passed on. 


Charlie came next, and here she felt less satisfied, though scarcely 

conscious why, for, as she looked, there came a defiant sort of 

flash, changing suddenly to something warmer than anger, stronger 

than pride, making her shrink a little and say, hastily, "I don't find 

the Charlie I left, but the Prince is there still, I see." 


Turning to Mac with a sense of relief, she gently took off his 

"winkers," as Jamie called them, and looked straight into the 

honest blue eyes that looked straight back at her, full of a frank 

and friendly affection that warmed her heart and made her own 

eyes brighten as she gave back the glasses, saying, with a look and 

tone of cordial satisfaction, "You are not changed, my dear old 

Mac, and I'm so glad of that!" 


"Now say something extra sweet to me, because I'm the flower of 

the family," said Steve, twirling the blond moustache, which was 

evidently the pride of his life. 


Rose saw at a glance that Dandy deserved his name more than 

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