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Coming Home
Old Friends with New Faces
Miss Campbell
Thorns Among the Roses
Prince Charming
Polishing Mac
Breakers Ahead
New Year's Calls
The Sad and Sober Part
Small Temptations
At Kitty's Ball
Both Sides
Aunt Clara's Plan
Alas for Charlie!
Good Works
Among the Haycocks
Which Was It?
Behind the Fountain
What Mac Did
How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
Short and Sweet

shut him out perhaps forever. 


The consciousness of this turned him pale with fear, for his love 

was deeper than she knew, and he proved this when he said in a 

tone so full of mingled pain and patience that it touched her to the 

heart: "You shall respect me if I can make you, and when I've 

earned it, may I hope for something more?" 


She looked up then, saw in his face the noble shame, the humble 

sort of courage that shows repentance to be genuine and gives 

promise of success, and, with a hopeful smile that was a cordial to 

him, answered heartily: "You may." 


"Bless you for that! I'll make no promises, I'll ask for none only 

trust me, Rose, and while you treat me like a cousin, remember 

that no matter how many lovers you may have you'll never be to 

any of them as dear as you are to me." 


A traitorous break in his voice warned Charlie to stop there, and 

with no other good-bye, he very wisely went away, leaving Rose to 

put the neglected flowers into water with remorseful care and lay 

away the bracelet, saying to herself: "I'll never wear it till I 

feel as I did before. Then he shall put it on and I'll say 'yes.'" 





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