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Coming Home
Old Friends with New Faces
Miss Campbell
Thorns Among the Roses
Prince Charming
Polishing Mac
Breakers Ahead
New Year's Calls
The Sad and Sober Part
Small Temptations
At Kitty's Ball
Both Sides
Aunt Clara's Plan
Alas for Charlie!
Good Works
Among the Haycocks
Which Was It?
Behind the Fountain
What Mac Did
How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
Short and Sweet

I have to work, the more I value them when they come." 


"Then if I suddenly grew very kind, would you stop caring about 

me?" asked Rose, wondering if that treatment would free her from 

a passion which both touched and tormented her. 


"Try and see." But there was a traitorous glimmer in Mac's eyes 

which plainly showed what a failure it would be. 


"No, I'll get something to do, so absorbing I shall forget all about 



"Don't think about me if it troubles you," he said tenderly. 


"I can't help it." Rose tried to catch back the words, but it was too 

late, and she added hastily, "That is, I cannot help wishing you 

would forget me. It is a great disappointment to find I was 

mistaken when I hoped such fine things of you." 


"Yes, you were very sure that it was love when it was poetry, and 

now you want poetry when I've nothing on hand but love. Will 

both together please you?" 


"Try and see." 


"I'll do my best. Anything else?" he asked, forgetting the small task 

she had given him in his eagerness to attempt the greater. 


"Tell me one thing. I've often wanted to know, and now you speak 

of it I'll venture to ask. Did you care about me when you read 

Keats to me last summer?" 




"When did you begin?" asked Rose, smiling in spite of herself at 

his unflattering honesty. 


"How can I tell? Perhaps it did begin up there, though, for that talk 

set us writing, and the letters showed me what a beautiful soul you 

had. I loved that first it was so quick to recognize good things, to 

use them when they came, and give them out again as 

unconsciously as a flower does its breath. I longed for you to come 

home, and wanted you to find me altered for the better in some 

way as I had found you. And when you came it was very easy to 

see why I needed you to love you entirely, and to tell you so. That's 

all, Rose." 


A short story, but it was enough the voice that told it with such 

simple truth made the few words so eloquent, Rose felt strongly 

tempted to add the sequel Mac desired. But her eyes had fallen as 

he spoke, for she knew his were fixed upon her, dark and dilated, 

with the same repressed emotion that put such fervor into his quiet 

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