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Coming Home
Old Friends with New Faces
Miss Campbell
Thorns Among the Roses
Prince Charming
Polishing Mac
Breakers Ahead
New Year's Calls
The Sad and Sober Part
Small Temptations
At Kitty's Ball
Both Sides
Aunt Clara's Plan
Alas for Charlie!
Good Works
Among the Haycocks
Which Was It?
Behind the Fountain
What Mac Did
How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
Short and Sweet

of superior women and Kitty to comfort him by promising to 

marry him on May Day "all alone." 


A very different couple occupied the drawing room, but a happier 

one, for they had known the pain of separation and were now 

enjoying the bliss of a reunion which was to last unbroken for their 

lives. Phebe sat in an easy chair, resting from her labors, pale and 

thin and worn, but lovelier in Archie's eyes than ever before. It was 

very evident that he was adoring his divinity, for, after placing a 

footstool at her feet, he had forgotten to get up and knelt there with 

his elbow on the arm of her chair, looking like a thirsty man 

drinking long drafts of the purest water. 


"Shall I disturb you if I pass through?" asked Rose, loath to spoil 

the pretty tableau. 


"Not if you stop a minute on the way and congratulate me, Cousin, 

for she says 'yes' at last!" cried Archie, springing up to go and bring 

her to the arms Phebe opened as she appeared. 


"I knew she would reward your patience and put away her pride 

when both had been duly tried," said Rose, laying the tired head on 

her bosom with such tender admiration in her eyes that Phebe had 

to shake some bright drops from her own before she could reply in 

a tone of grateful humility that showed how much her heart was 

touched: "How can I help it, when they are all so kind to me? Any 

pride would melt away under such praise and thanks and loving 

wishes as I've had today, for every member of the family has taken 

pains to welcome me, to express far too much gratitude, and to beg 

me to be one of you. I needed very little urging, but when Archie's 

father and mother came and called me 'daughter,' I would have 

promised anything to show my love for them." 


"And him," added Rose, but Archie seemed quite satisfied and 

kissed the hand he held as if it had been that of a beloved princess 

while he said with all the pride Phebe seemed to have lost: "Think 

what she gives up for me fame and fortune and the admiration of 

many a better man. You don't know what a splendid prospect she 

has of becoming one of the sweet singers who are loved and 

honored everywhere, and all this she puts away for my sake, 

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