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Coming Home
Old Friends with New Faces
Miss Campbell
Thorns Among the Roses
Prince Charming
Polishing Mac
Breakers Ahead
New Year's Calls
The Sad and Sober Part
Small Temptations
At Kitty's Ball
Both Sides
Aunt Clara's Plan
Alas for Charlie!
Good Works
Among the Haycocks
Which Was It?
Behind the Fountain
What Mac Did
How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
Short and Sweet

at the bluntness of his son. 


"I know my chestnut burr too well to mind his prickles. But others 

do not, so I will take him in hand and make him a credit to his 

family," answered Rose readily. 


"Take Archie for your model he's one of a thousand, and the girl 

who gets him gets a prize, I do assure you," added Uncle Mac, who 

found matchmaking to his taste and thought that closing remark a 

deep one. 


"Oh, me, how tired I am!" cried Rose, dropping into a chair as the 

last carriage rolled away somewhere between one and two. 


"What is your opinion now, Miss Campbell?" asked the doctor, 

addressing her for the first time by the name which had been 

uttered so often that night. 


"My opinion is that Miss Campbell is likely to have a gay life if 

she goes on as she has begun, and that she finds it very delightful 

so far," answered the girl, with lips still smiling from their first 

taste of what the world calls pleasure. 






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