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Both Sides
Aunt Clara's Plan
Alas for Charlie!
Good Works
Among the Haycocks
Which Was It?
Behind the Fountain
What Mac Did
How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
Short and Sweet

for this purpose, followed by a series of concerts. Rose had thrown 

herself into the work with all her heart and now proposed that 

Phebe should make her debut at the last concert, which was to be a 

peculiarly interesting one, as all the orphans were to be present and 

were expected to plead their own cause by the sight of their 

innocent helplessness as well as touch hearts by the simple airs 

they were to sing. 


Some of the family thought Phebe would object to so humble a 

beginning, but Rose knew her better and was not disappointed, for 

when she made her proposal Phebe answered readily: "Where 

could I find a fitter time and place to come before the public than 

here among my little sisters in misfortune? I'll sing for them with 

all my heart only I must be one of them and have no flourish made 

about me." 


"You shall arrange it as you like, and as there is to be little vocal 

music but yours and the children's, I'll see that you have everything 

as you please," promised Rose. 


It was well she did, for the family got much excited over the 

prospect of "our Phebe's debut" and would have made a flourish if 

the girls had not resisted. Aunt Clara was in despair about the 

dress because Phebe decided to wear a plain claret-colored merino 

with frills at neck and wrists so that she might look, as much as 

possible, like the other orphans in their stuff gowns and white 

aprons. Aunt Plenty wanted to have a little supper afterward in 

honor of the occasion, but Phebe begged her to change it to a 

Christmas dinner for the poor children. The boys planned to throw 

bushels of flowers, and Charlie claimed the honor of leading the 

singer in. But Phebe, with tears in her eyes, declined their kindly 

offers, saying earnestly: "I had better begin as I am to go on and 

depend upon myself entirely. Indeed, Mr. Charlie, I'd rather walk 

in alone, for you'd be out of place among us and spoil the pathetic 

effect we wish to produce." And a smile sparkled through the tears 

as Phebe looked at the piece of elegance before her and thought of 

the brown gowns and pinafores. 


So, after much discussion, it was decided that she should have her 

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